According to the statement of New Bilibid Prison inmate Herbert Colanggo, former Justice Undersecretary Francisco Baraan III he received P.5 million for every inmate who will be transferred from one compound to another.

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Baraan said he has no authority and only the Bureau of Corrections director can decide on the transfer of inmate inside the NBP.

He added that the approval of the Justice Secretary is not required in transferring inmates within the New Bilibid Prison and he does not know the details regarding the transfer of inmates.

Baraan said that he does not know a “Susan” reportedly part of his technical staff. He challenged Colanggo to produce documents proving his allegation. 

Herbert Colanggo told at a hearing last Tuesday that Baraan accepted payment in exchange for moving inmates around at the penitentiary.

In one instace, Colanggo said he would give baraan P3 million to transfer an inmate, but would ask P4 million from the requesting Chinese inmate so he can earn from the transaction.

Source: GMA news

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