Dela Rosa to critics: Help us instead of just criticizing

The Government admit that they were lacking in terms of rehabilitation, they having a hard time coping with the sheer number of drug user and pusher surrendered.

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On Monday, September 26 during the Press Conference in Camp Crame. Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director Ronald dela Rosa said,

“While we in government admit that we’re lacking in terms of rehabilitation, what do you expect us to do? Will we stop the police from Oplan Tokhang? We will stop people from implementing Project Double Barrel? We already have headway. The momentum is ours. Do we stop simply because of the criticism?”

Oplan Tokhang, a mix of Bisaya words. Is an operation where cops visit the houses of suspected drug users and pushers and ask them to change their ways.

”We admit that we’re having a hard time. At the level of the cabinet, we’ve already talked about how to address that backlog. In fact, we have a lot of well-meaning friends from the private sector who are giving funds to build rehabilitation centers but this is long-term. You can’t build a building in 2 or 3 months. It takes years,” Dela Ros said.

President Duterte had earlier announced plans to use military facilities to house former drug users.

“What do you want us to do? Please help us. Instead of criticizing the government, those critics should think of a good solution. Don’t just criticize us for making people surrender and not having enough facilities to rehabilitate. What do you want us to do? Cry? Give up? And what will happen? Crime will go again? More people will get raped. More people will die. And most important, the rich drug lords will be happy because their business will resume,” Dela Rosa added.

“So to the Filipinos, who criticize us, maybe help us instead of criticizing. We’re all Filipinos who want a good community that’s safe for all. We admit that we’re lacking in rehabilitation facilities but what do you want us to do? Just stop? It’s impossible for us to stop. Nobody can stop us,” he said.


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