How can you prevent illegal drugs like amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin etc. when you are already hang and got addiction, or can I say how can you save your life from Duterte administration. Yah it was funny to hear but it was true. We all know that Duterte administration started to wipe out all people in our country who doesn’t obey the rules when it comes to illegal drugs.

Photo credits: quoteaddicts.com

Addiction on illegal drugs is not that easy to avoid, especially if it runs in your family then it is possible that you too may at risk of illegal drugs addiction. Well, here is some advice to avoid it. If you have friends of family members who pressure you to use drugs, then I suggest avoiding them. Make new friends who have healthier habits, who are motivated at work and who have goals in life. Healthier living habits can help to prevent illegal drugs like exercise, eating well, meditation and also prayer are big impact to avoid drug addiction.

Always put in your mind that illegal drugs will kill you every time. Well, if you don’t want to shot and kill by cops or assassin, then this is the right time to change. Not only think twice but every second is important. Duterte is on your back staring at you. Totally scared?? well, you must.

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