The President Rodrigo Duterte message to the European Union (EU) on Tuesday at the Sulong Pilipinas Local Governance Dialogues in davao City.

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“Iyong nabasa ko ang European Union (EU) condemnation sa akin, sabihin ko sakanila, ‘F-you.’ You are doing it in atonement of your sins.

Ginawa nilang istrikto-istrikto kasi may guilt feelings iyan sila. Ako, ditto, sino ang pinatay ko, assuming it to be true? 1,007? Who are they? Criminals? You call it genocide? Ilan ang pinatay nila?” he said.

Mr. President Duterte saying that some European Union (EU) nations are also committed human rights violations while occupying other countries in the past.

“Tapos itong EU ngayon has the gall to condemn me. Sige, I repeat it, f-you,” he said. And he was raising his middle finger.

The European Parliament said that drug trafficking and abuse in the Philippines and also the high numbers killed during police operation against anti-crime and anti-drug campaign “remain a serious and national concern.”

The lists of involved in drugs are already released by President Duterte. They are categorising by politicians, judges, police, and other government officials.

“We are in a war against out self. There is an internecine thing going on. Hindi lang ninyo alam, you don’t know, kasi you remain to be stupid, “he said.

“Sinabi ko, I showed it to media,’even if I wanted to kill them all, I cannot because of the sheer number…’it was just putting up an idiomatic ideology of killing people,” Duterte added.

Source: GMA news

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