LITTLE LAS VEGAS NA PALA ANG NBP (during De Lima’s term)

During the term of Senator Leila de Lima as secretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ), an inmate told that the national penitentiary was the “drug trade center of the Philippines."

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The first witness was Rodolfo Magleo, a former police officer and a convicted kidnapper.

”Naging drug trade center af the Philippines po during the time of then Secretary De Lima, dahil sa Bilibid maximum security compound, doon po ang trading ng drug business sa buong Pilipinas,” Magleo said.

”Maraming Chinese nationals, Malaysian nationals, Hong kong nationals na nakulong na drug lords and they have their respective Pinoy drug lords in charge of local operation,” Magleo added.

“Some big-time drugs lords outside [the NBP] ay nago-order from Bilibid. Sa loob mismo ng maximum security compound ay maraming droga,” he said.

The illegal drug trade is done through phone calls and text messages. About 80 percent of inmates at the NBP maximum were using cellphones.

Peter Co, Ben Marcelo, Jackson Lee, Ang See, Kimmy ang and Alex Tien are the big-time drug lords in New Bilibid Prison.

“During the tenure of De Lima, the maximum security compound was called the little Las Vegas. It was called Little Las vegas dahil maraming concert na nangyayari, your honor,” Magleo said.

“Not just ordinary concerts but concerts of famouse celebreties, like Freddie Aguilar, Sharon Cuneta, Mocha Girls, Ethel Booba… some other celebrities, hindi ko nap o maalala,” he added.

But De Lima has denied involvement in illegal drugs and has called the House hearing as a “sham” hearing.

Source: GMA news

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