During the ASEAN Summit, President Rodrigo Duterte presented the group with pictures of slain Moros during the US military campaign in Mindanao.

Photo credit: bworldonline.com

Duterte presented a few pages of pictures of the US so-called “pacification” efforts and was waiting for US President Barack Obama to respond. Duterte said Obama did not.

According to Duterte, “Ako, because of the pressure para huminto na sila. Sabi ko, ‘Since human rights was mentioned, I produced a few pages pictures in the Pacification campaign by the Americans at the turn of the century,”Duterte said.

“Of the 600,000 Muslims, 6,000 were murdered. They were just buried in a common pit. Naghukay lang tapos iyong mga sundalo, pinapatungan lang ang mga dibdib ng mga babaeng nakahubad,”

“This is human rights. What do you intend to do? Do not tell me this is water under the bridge. Human rights violation either commited by moses or Abraham is still a violation of human rights. When was the philosophy about human dignity in the world evolved? Now? Or during this time?”

“Tumahimik sila. Kasi ako handa na ako. I was waiting for Obama to response. Eh ito, abugado to abugado tayo. Sige daw. Wala. That was the only encounter. That was the only exchange at the holding room and when I said, ‘I never made that statement, check it out,’ Duterte said.

Source: GMA news

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