President Duterte: It’s now peaceful to walk anywhere in Manila

According to President Rodrigo Duterte, there are now smaller numbers of crime incidents in the country’s capital (Manila). Duterte believes his war on drugs has been good results.

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ABS-CBN Investigative and Research Group claims the total of 1,109 or 60% were killed during police operations. It was three months ago and at least 1,800 have been killed in Duterte administration war on drugs.

Duterte administration has alarmed by international community because of spate killings of anti-crime campaign. But Duterte continue what his plan and saying his war on drugs has resulted in fewer crimes, especially in Manila.

“Kita mo ngayon, nawala, Iyong reduction ng crime, the dive was almost 50 percent. Now, it’s a bit peaceful to walk anywhere sa Manila,” he said in a speech.

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Meanwhile, President Duterte speech, he lambasted again who’s criticizing his campaign, they don’t know the ills afflicting the Philippines justice system.

Source: abs-cbn news

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