A reckless motorcycle rider showing his middle finger to a car driver who stopped him after counter-flowing to avoid traffic on the road.

Photo from kami.com.ph

A motorcycle rider moving towards the car to avoid traffic by counter-flowing, instead of apologizing to the car driver, the anger motorcycle rider put his middle finger to the car driver and saying bad word.

The car driver calmly told the rider to move to his lane and giving his arm as a sign of peace, but the rider ignore him, and decided to go away with out asking an apology.

Aside from counter-flowing violation of motorcycle driver, both his female passenger in her back are not wearing a helmet.

The incident went viral and some netizens slammed the motorcycle driver for his rude attitude:

“Siya na nga ang nagcounter flow siya pa ang nag “F word,”

(He was the one who counter-flowed but he was the one who used bad word.)

“Oo ganyan pag nakamotor puro singit! Nakakahiya ka wala kapa helmet,” netizen wrote.

(Motorcycle riders like to squeeze their way in all the time! You are an embarrassment, you are not even wearing a helmet!)

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