Alleged death squad leader says politics behind Matobato’s lies

The Davao policeman alleged as leader of the so called Davao Death Squad said self-confessed Edgar Matobato was lying in his testimony.

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“Im sorry, baka mali ako, mahirap po, personal ko na lang po to.. Sa personal ko lang po, baka pulitika. Gusto niya siguro siraan yung President, si Duterte,” SPO3 Arturo Lascanas said.

SPO3 Lascanas was tagged by self-confessed Edgar Matobato as the team leader of the so called Davao Death Squad.

According to Matobato’s testimony, he accused Lascanas who killed suspected international terrorist Sali Makdum I 2002 and radio broadcaster Jun Pala in 2003. Matobato also said he was the right hand man of Duterte.

SPO3 Lascanas denied the accusation of Matobato. According to him two of his brothers were killed by the Davao City Police, due to their links to illegal drugs.

“My own brothers, napatay ng mga kasamahan ko sa DCPO. Kung malakas ako kay major, bakit hindi ko natulungan sila?” he said.

“Kung hindi ako puis, mas natulungan ko sila,” he added.

According to him his eldest child also applied for a job but was rejected, he said he is on non-duty status, and he will be leave and got mandatory retirement in December.

Source: GMA news

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