Be ‘patient’ with Duterte, businessmen urged

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and industry said, businessmen should give President Duterte more time and be patient to improve the country.

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According to PCCI President George Barcelon, some improvements in the bureaucracy and President has made headway in his was on drugs.

Earlier, the President promised took office on June 30, he promised to end corruption in the bureaucracy.

“I would tell my friends in the business community that we have to be patient.. I think we owe it to this government,” Barcelona said.

“Politically speaking we put emphasis on the first 100 days but 100 days is really a very short time,” he said.

Duterte make a positive tone towards China as a positive development.

“The way I read that is the President is opening more option to us since for most businessmen we look at opportunities in a very practical manner,” he said.

“We are neither pro-US pro-China but we are pro-Filipinos,” he added.

“People are concerned with the statements that they hear from the President but what’s more important is we finally believe that he will do the right thing. We just need to give him time,” he said.


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