China never criticize our war on drugs, they just help quietly - Duterte

On Monday, in an interview to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, according to him China is unlike Western nations, for the reason that Beijing is not criticizing his war on drugs unlike Western nations. They help his administration quietly.

Photo from Peace and Freedom

“Some other countries know we are short of money, (but) instead of helping us, all they had to do was just to criticize. China never criticizes. They help us quietly. And I said that’s why it’s part of the sincerity of the people,” Duterte said.

“So we might be asking for your help, asking the Chinese people to help Chinese people here. They are Filipinos but they are also Chinese,” Duterte said.

“My grandfather is Chinese…it’s only China can help us,” Duterte added.

“If we can have the things you have given to other like to be part of it and to be a part of the greater plans of China about the whole of Asia, particularly South Asia,” Duterte said.

“All that I would need to do is just to talk and get a firm handshake from the officials and say that we are Filipinos and we are ready to cooperate with you, to help us in building our economy and building our country.”

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