Concerned netizen demands rice donations for Agot Isidro

BangonAgot#kaninParaKayAgot#SaveAgotFromHunger being popular and trend paving way to the birth of more usage that is spread widely through the social media about Agot Isidro.

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Since Actress Agot Isidro criticized President Duterte, some supporters of President quickly defend him from Agot controversial statements.

“We are now accepting donations for the Kanin Para Kay Agot Program. Tulungan po natin ni Madam na huwag magutom. Because we care. Because we can. Do the right thing and DONATE NOW,”

1 kilo of rice = 1 prayer

There are some netizen were taking selfies with relief goods and donations for Agot.

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"We give Love not Hate! After her "Psychopath" remarks and a fear of hunger, Filipino people all over the world flooded Ms. Agot Isidro by generosity and love."

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"Netizens pledge food and financial support for the actress."

"This is Love."
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"Di naman siguro. Feeling ko takot lang talaga syang magutom. kahit laude laude daw sya noon, halata naman sa pagkakasulat ng opinyon nya na wala syang kunsepto ng 'servant servant' na yan o ng History. To her, No US = gutom at ayaw niyang madamay sa gutom. hahaha BIGAS!"

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But, some netizen criticized their behavior. saying the way they act are such an immaturity.

"Are we gonna ignore the fact that while many of you were offended by her, calling the President a 'psychopath', lots of the supporters of Presidents are actually doing worst. I don't know where on earth did they find the courage to ignorantly use her private issues, just to prove that she's wrong for messing with the President. I'm actually more scared to see people, blinded by their belief that the President can change our way of living. I'm actually hoping that he can, but I can not just passively agree with everything he say or do. That's ignorance! People are slowly losing their compassion, and it's sad to witness Filipino people fighting against each other because of their beliefs, when we're living in the same country, under the same sky." - Klarissa del Rosario , Facebook

"You people cannot critically attack someone, so instead, you're doing this. She voiced out her opinion which is good. However, she vulgarly said it, which makes her image pitiful and hateful. Why do you hate her? Is it because she was wrong? Or is it because she attacked your beloved god-like president? Mga imbeciles and hypocrites lang gumagawa nito. (Only imbeciles and hypocrites would do something like this). You people should learn how to properly stand your ground." - JR Tamayo, Facebook

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