Cynthia Patag's fake account said to Duterte: Parang kinalkal ng daga ang mukha

During an interview, former actress Cynthia Patag showed her anger because of a fake twitter account using her name and insulted the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The former actress said that it was fake account and she clarified using her Facebook status saying, “Last night, two vicious, malicious, low lives, posted my Cynthia J, Patag photo next to several crass insults against Pres. Elect Duterte, which they attributed to me.”

“It was a blatantly fake account, posted on ‘MAYOR DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT’ page.”

“I don't talk, speak, nor write like a vociferous semi-literate, unlike those two malevolent savages, who posted the fraudulent hate posts. Yet the haters went into a frenzy, pilloried me mercilessly.

Duterte has already ordered his frothing hyenas to STOP THE HATE on social media. Wala rin.

I'll hold that "I support you, President Elect Duterte" post for awhile


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