Dead or alive reward system taken from Americans – Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte claimed while his on meeting with the Filipino community in China, saying that the idea of Dead or alive system came from Americans.

Photo from Mindanation

President Duterte implemented reward system for drug suspects which results over 1,000 deaths against his war on drugs.

“Iyang reward, dead or alive. It is not even ours. It is not a language of the Filipinos. Sinong nagturo niyan? The Americans? Where? Iyong mga cowboy nila. Billy the Kid, dead or alive, oh 50 dollars,” Duterte said.

“Ang problema nitong Americano, kung sila ang gumamit niyan, persons of interest which are actually you are being hunted and if you offer a resistance just like the bomber, they will kill you.”

“And when we use it because we’re not Americans and they want us to be more inferior than them, they will hunt for you and threaten you with an international court, criminal court, justice,” The President said.

“When was it wrong to say ‘Do not do it to my country because I will kill you, do not harm the next generation,” Duterte said.

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