DTI Sec. Ramon Lopez warns of job loss if win-win proposal to end ‘endo’ rejected

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez said, non-acceptance by employers and labor groups of Department of Trade and Industry proposal “win-win structure” to address the “endo” may lead to job loss.

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Lopez reaction to militant labor groups opposition to the DTI’s proposal. He said, “Not accepting the win-win proposal may lead to some people losing jobs,”

Meanwhile, the Partido Manggagawa expressed their objection to DTI’s proposal.

“Ngayon pa lang ay dapat ipakita ang ating pagtutol sa mungkahing win-win solution’ ng DTI at mga employer kung saan ang regularisasyon ay mangyayari sa agency at hindi sa principal ng kompanyang pinapasukan ng mga manggagawa,” the labor group said in its social media post.

The win-win set-up proposal of DTI which workers can be hired as regulars, the hired worker can be able to receive full benefits.

“Forcing the regularization of employees will simply lead to companies regularizing fewer employees, as they would lose the flexibility of hiring less during off-peak seasons and there are functions that they would rather outsource so they could focus on branding and growing the business,” Lopez said.

“Principal companies should have the option to hire regulars or hire thru service providers. What’s important is that workers get full benefits and legal compensation whether from principal company or as employee of a service provider,” he added.

Source: GMA news

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