Duterte wants to speak both police and protesters in US embassy dispersal

On Saturday, October 22, President Duterte during a press conference in Davao City, said he wants to speak both the police and protesters involved in the violent happened in front of the US embassy.

Photo from Stars and Stripes

“I intend to look at it. I will try to talk to the police, invite him for coffee, and I will talk to the activists’ para malaman hindi sila (so they are not) – I would like to know what really happened,” Duterte said.

Duterte just arrived from his state visit to China, he received a report from the police about the incident. The police said their actions were borne out of fear.

“The police said natakot kasi na-corner sila (The police said they got scared because they were cornered). They were just two of them in the crowd, they were surrounded by the group of militants,” he said.

“I’m just justifying it. Just a maybe, he was under stress. They might gang up on him, hurt him, so he acted on an instinct of self-preservation.” Duterte said.

“I will do the questioning myself. I do not want a quarrel,” he said.

“Batuhin mo yung pulis (Throw something at the police), pulis naman (while the police) come swaggering and beating people. I do not like these things to happen in my admistration,” Duterte said.

A police van reversed quickly back into a crowd of protesters and then forward, running over at least two people and banging into others. After drove the vehicle through the activists, some of protesters were injured.

Based on the report, around 30 protesters were arrested after the violent happened in front of US embassy.

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