Duterte’s Japan trip on Oct. 25-27 to focus on defense, investments

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after state visits to Brunei and China; Duterte will soon fly his 6th foreign trip to Japan on October 25 to 27 to meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Photo from Reuters

After the ASEAN summit last September, the Prime Minister of Japan sent an invitation to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to visit their country for tightens their allies between the two countries.

The said state visit is expected to focus on economic, investments and defense cooperation between the two countries.

According to Minister for Political Affairs of the Japanese embassy Atsushi Ueno, “The two leaders are expected to discuss bilateral issues and regional issues and through these conversations... We expect to reaffirm the cooperation on regional and international issues,” he said.

President Duterte will visit to Japan and meet with top Japanese business leaders. The Japanese companies interested in bidding for infrastructure projects in the Philippines, according to sources.

Duterte’s state visit to Japan also focus on defense cooperation, in fact, he will eyeing to visit a company in Yokohama City that makes coast guard vessels.

“President Duterte is also planning to visit Japan Marine United Corporation, where the company is making Coast Guard vessels provided for PCG… So President Duterte will actually see the company, how the Coast Guard vessels are built,” Ueno said.

Earlier the Japanese government sent one of its vessels to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), nine more vessels will be expected soon to be delivered in the Philippines.

President Duterte also set to meet members of the Filipino community in Japan, like he did in other state visits.

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