Filipinos shared their opinion about nationwide smoking ban

President Duterte will sign an executive order within a month to order smoking ban nationwide.

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Some netizens shared their opinion regarding smoking ban nationwide.

“For me it’s very difficult because you need a lot of discipline. I can’t stop it especially if I want to pass time or you’re waiting for someone. You need to smoke. The temptation is there especially if you have a pack of cigarettes and lighter with you,” JC said, a construction worker.

“The ban will affect us a lot because we will lose our livelihood. We don’t have any other livelihood. This is the only thing we know especially since we’re using this to pay for our child’s education. We can’t do anything if he decides to remove us,” a sidewalk vendor said.

“If you don’t have a place to smoke then you’ll be forced to stop because it’s a big hassle if you get caught,” Ronaldo Delos Santos said, a chain smoker.

Jim Asturias, one of the group were advocating a smoke-free country said.

“Tabacco smoke, tabacco use and cigarette smoking is a form of addiction. It’s a habit, it’s a vice. People can’t just quit it just like that. Hey, someone tells you to stop, it won’t be as effective as the government itself intervening and telling you to stop smoking which could come with a penalty and sanctions,” he said.

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