Former Davao heinous crime unit chief: We are not into killings’

A former Davao City of the heinous crime division denied the testimony of confessed Edgar Matobato. The former chief said that they were no into killings.

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Retired police Diosdado Abude said he was assigned as chief of the heinous crime division from January 15, 2003 until March 8, 2006.

“We are not into killings. But we are there to conduct investigations, follow up cases, do surveillance and other opportunities to implement the warrant of those persons,” Abude said.

“This is in contrary to allegations of Mr. Matobato that the heinous crime division was activated to kill people.” He touted the accomplishments during his term.

Earlier, Edgar Matobato a self-confessed hitman testified that the heinous crime division was used to kill several people allegedly on President Rodrigo Duterte.

A former chief asked if he has already heard of the so called Davao Death Squad (DDS). “Narinig na. Kasi yung mga media, sila po ang nagbibigay, nagsasabi ng kapag may namamatay sa Davao, sabi nila death squad.” He said.

(I’ve heard about the term because the media are the ones saying there’s a death squad. When somebody is killed, they point to the supposed death squad.)

The ombudsman said that fact finding team reported that from 2005-2008, there were 720 persons murdered in Davao city, most of it were drug related. Out of this case only 50% were solved.

The former chief of heinous crime division has retired in January 2013. He was appointed as consultant of the Civil Security Unit by Davao Mayor Sara Duterte after his retirement.

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