In an upcoming All Saints Day, a group of people named environment watchdog, urges the public to keep public cemeteries clean and to be more responsible with their wastes on All Saints Day.

Photo from EcoWaste Coalitaion

Ochie Tolentino, one of the Zero Waste Campaigner of the EcoWaste Coulition, was posted on their website saying, “Year in and year out, people visiting the graves of their dearly departed ones leave tons of garbage in both public and private cemeteries as if this is part of the tradition of remembering those who have passed on,”

“Littering disrespects the dead as well as the living. This bad habit must stop,” She added.

The EcoWaste Coalition advised the public of instead of detergent soap, use baking soda, more effective for cleaning tiled and marble tombs, unleaded paints in repainting tombs as an alternative eco-friendly.

Here are additional tips listed in its EcoWastse Coalition website to keep cemeteries clean during All Saints Day:

  • ·         Use reusable containers and bring them home after use,
  • ·         Avoid buying bottled water or drinks on disposable cups and plastics,
  • ·         Use reusable carry bags instead of single-use plastic bags,
  • ·         Avoid bringing too much food and drinks to prevent leftovers,
  • ·         Never leave leftovers, used containers and other discards in the cemetery,
  • ·         Never burn discards: recycle or dispode them properly.

Meanwhile, the head of the Metro Parkway Clearing Group, Reymond Espino, was starting cleaning up the cemetery.

The Clearing group advised Manila Cemetery visitors to bring their own garbage bags to avoid difficulties of collecting trash.

According to Espino, about 10 garbage trucks every year are needed to collect trash from Manila Cemetery.

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