HULI KA! New list of 54 celebs involved in drugs, includes top-rating TV show host

The new list of 54 names of celebrities who involved in illegal drugs will be submitted to President Duterte, it would depend on him if it will be made in public.

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The officers will simply follow if President Duterte wants the list to be made in public.

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, claim that he already submitted the latest list to President.
According to the source, a host of one top-rating TV show were included on the new set of 54 names.

PNP chief dela Rosa said that they get the list of the names from their drug suppliers whom they have caught during their campaign in illegal drugs.

“Ang basis nito, yung mga celebrities na nahuli natin, yung mga celebrity suppliers na sila yung pinagbebentahan nila,” Dela Rosa said.

The 54 celebrities included in the list are all customers who buy illegal drugs from the suppliers. It said that the latest list are different from the one previously released.

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