I am willing to rot in jail for the Filipino, Duterte said

President Rodrigo Duterte told critics to stop threatening him, referring to the EU, US, and UN who expressed concern over the spate killings in his campaign against illegal drugs.

Photo credit NPR

“Sabi ko nga, I am willing to rot in jail for the Fiipino. Do not keep on threatening or intimidating me,” Duterte said.

President Duterte claimed that the rising death toll was not ordered by the state.

“Wag tayo magbolahan.. Yung iba talaga diyang pinatay, na-salvage… Pero kung sinabi mong state-ordered killing.. kalokohan.” He said.

“Kaya ako nagmumura, kasi napakabobo naman nila [human rights advocates].. Di ako galit sa kanila but I am totally exasperated na di nila alam ang batas. It’s not a crime to say I hate criminals,” Duterte said.

The Philippine National Police shows their latest data a total of 1,645 have been killed, while some 29,331 others have been arrested

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