Israel: Accepted Duterte’s apology

Israel has accepted President Duterte’s apology for his remarks likening his was on illegal drugs to the extermination of six million Jews under Adolf Hitler.

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President Duterte apologized saying his mentioning the Nazi leader was meant to show how critics and political foes had portrayed him.

Israel Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau said they have accepted the President’s apology.
“He is the President. He said it was never intentional so we accept his apology.. from the start we knew his personality already, and we know it is not intentional,”

The ambassador said the President’s visit to the Jewish synagogue symbolizes soul searching, forgiveness and atonement.

“The President made it clear what was already clear and known – that he did not mean disrespect to the Jewish people. Referring to his personal life, his wife Elizabeth Zimmerman is actually a daughter of a Jewish father who found the Philippines as a shelter and home,” Matityau posted on his Facebook account.

“On the other end, I made it clear that the President’s words speak for themselves and hey are genuine coming from his heart. We believe that any reference to Nazi Germany that is not in the context of the most evil empire is not going to achieve anything and will be counterproductive,” he said.

“The Jewish people were the ultimate target with an attempt to annihilate us to the last living soul only for the sole reason of hate coupled with racial supremacy and megalomania,” he added.

Matityau noted 1,300 Jewish refugees were granted visa and safe refuge in the Philippines by commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, and the Philippines also voted for a United Nations resolution for the creation of the state of Israel.


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