Japanese artist, AYUMI ENDO, painting gift for Duterte

Ayumi Endo, a Japanese artist and a big supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Ayumi gives President Duterte a painting gift.

Photo from kami.com
The painting gift was created for his first 100 days in position, the painting showed President Duterte with Director General Ronald Dela Rosa.

The President Personally received the beautiful gift from the Japanese artist. While the photo given to President personally, Duterte kissed the hand of Ayumi and smelled her hand.

According to Ayumi, she really admire President Duterte for his love on his country.
The Japanese artist donate P2 million to support the rehabilitation facilities and what President needed for his war on drugs.

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  1. wow,very artictic tlga.ilove it.iwant to make a profile pic.amazing some other countrys appreciate our Pres. but those DOJ who usually went inside bilibid prison doesnt agree with the cleaning our country.cuz anti du30 want illegal drugs to raised and bloom in philippines.God save our country.


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