Sebastian to De Lima, there was no threats and pressure to testified

According to Jaybee Sebastian Lawyer, his client voluntarily testified and helps the government to solve the case over drug trade inside New Bilibid Prison.

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Convicted Jaybee Sebastian claimed that there was no pressure or threat against him of his family. Mr. Sebastian denied Secretary De Lima, saying his government asset.

“There was no threat; there was no pressure from any camp from whatever source. There was no threat. It was voluntarily. Sebastian testified on his own volition,” Atty. Eduardo Arriba said.

“Sebastian revealed all the information that he knows despite the fact that he has that relation or closeness with Secretary De Lima. The purpose is that he wants to help the government put an end to his problem on illegal drugs. That’s the only reason why Sebastian testified. He said.

“Actually, there was no change of mind. As we stated earlier, Jaybee Sebastian has signified his willingness to testify in relation to the proliferation of illegal drugs and what he know about this illegal trade inside the NBP,” he said.

“Right from the very start, he’s willing. I don’t know where Secretary Aguirre got that information that Jaybee will only testify on the matter of this food provision at NBP,” he added.

“There’s no request as to the commutation of the sentence. For now, Jaybee Sebastian is willing to serve out the remaining term of his sentence. There’s no request for commutation,” he said.

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