LP senators remind Duterte, cutting ties with US needs Senate approval

On Friday, senators Bam Aquino, Leila de Lima, Franklin Drilon and Francis Pangilinan reminded President Duterte of breaking military ties with US will need the approval of the Senate.

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The Liberal Party senators issued the statement after President Duterte controversial statements.

“The President is the chief architect of Philippine foreign policy. But this power is not his alone – he shares this with the Senate in the case of treaties.” The LP senators said.
“The Senate needs to be clarified if the President did indeed to terminate the MDT,” they said.
“Our Constitution and laws dictate the general direction and tone of our foreign policy – one that adheres to peace, equality, justice, considers our national sovereignty, territorial integrity, national interest, and the right to self-determination, and promotes the welfare and interest of Filipinos overseas,” they read.

“This means we don’t start a fight. At the same time, we don’t back out of a fight for our sovereignty and territory,” it added.

“One that protects and champions the interest of the Filipino people, one that is not pro-America and not pro-China but pro-Filipino, ensuring that the conventions and agreements we sign will benefit Filipino citizens,” they said.
Earlier, Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that President Duterte does not plan to break ties with the US.

“This is not an intend to renege on our treaties and agreements with our established allies but an assertion that we are an independent and sovereign nation, now finding common ground with friendly neighbors with shared aspirations in the spirit of mutual respect, support and cooperation,” Abella said.


  1. It's better that you shut your big mouths up. We don't need your opinions. Whatever you say do not matter to us. You are nothing to the majority of the Filipinos.

  2. bakit ba hanggang ngayon malaya pa din si d5 na nakakasali sa kaepalan nya dapat bigyan na ng TRO yan dahil sa may mga kaso na naman xa


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