Miss Lea Salonga to netizens: Stop fighting about politics

The veteran singer and one of the most talented stars Miss Lea Salonga asked people to stop fighting about politics.

Photo from PEP.ph

The arguments starts between the pro and anti-Duterte, have a reason to insults, curses and even death threats.

According to Miss Salonga, netizen should have peace and respect each other, she said that differences of political opinion are normal and it should not be a reason to insult and attack each other.

“We all need to make a step back, take a deep breath, and allow civility to return. For all our sake, regardless of political affiliation. #NoToHate,” Miss Salonga posted on her Instagram account.

“Ewan ko ba (I do not know).. Pero sana itigil na ang kalokohan na iyan ( but I am hoping that they stop this non-sense.) the hate does no one any favors,” She added.

In her Instagram account posted saying it would do better if they just keep silent. Referring to netizens doing insulted and attack the people for their differences of opinion.

Other celebrities such as Robin Padilla, Christian Bautista and Nikki Valdez have also asked to respect each other’s opinion.

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