Mocha Uson to Agot Isidro: I respect you

Friday, in an interview, asked Mocha Uson about the issue about actress Agot Isidro's criticizing President Duterte, and saying she respect the actress.

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“I respect Miss Agot Isidro,” she said in an interview.

Mocha Uson, known as a die hard fans and supporters of Duterte's administration.

Miss Uson says that Miss Agot was only enjoying his freedom of expression like president Duterte's comments to Isidro.

Uson also advise her to ask and talk people on the streets to see know the improvements done by Duterte's Administration.

“You’re entitle to your opinion. Pero maganda rin siguro tanungin ninyo ang mga tao kung ano ang kanilang nararamdaman. Nararamdaman na ang pagbabago.” Uson said.

After Miss Agot criticizing President after he dared the foreign country to withdraw their aid, Mocha Uson quickly responds saying Isidro is a supporter of Vice Pres. Leni Robredo, known as an ally of Liberal Party.

Uson posted in her Facebook wall.

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