Na-miss si Mar Roxas: Duterte latest insults against silent Roxas

President Duterte in a speech, he once again insulted Mar Roxas education saying the latter didn’t really graduate from the prestigious Warton School of business.

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According to President Duterte, Mar Roxas character is well suited for a mayor and not for the big league, referring to the presidency.

Duterte once more ridiculed Mar Roxas in public because, according to him, the latter is flaunting his degree from Wharton School of Business. He said that when he looked, it wasn’t at all Wharton but Watson.

Wharton School is found in the University of Pennyslvania in United States, it was known for producing the top calibur economist.

President Rodrigo Duterte known is known for his offensive statements. Earlier, he also lambasting United States President Barack Obama and the European Union for criticising him over his war on drug in his country.


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