Papansin pa more! Importunate Indonesian drug users, criticize Duterte’s war on drugs campaign

The Indonesian drug users lambaste the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte from his war against illegal drugs in the Philippines.

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The Indonesian arm of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) protests against what they believe, saying “crisis for people who use drugs in the Philippines” which President Duterte’s drug war brought forth.

The Indonesian group protest by gathering in front of the Philippine embassy in Jakarta, saying Duterte’s bloody war is removing the drug users right to life and they have also families on their own.

Some of the posters message include, “Duterte is mass serial killer” “Duterte…Stop playing God!” Duterte, just keep your machoism on your own stupid family.” “People who use drugs no longer have the right to life in the Philippines.”

Edo Agustin, the national group coordinator submitted an open letter to the Philippine President Duterte.

“People who use drugs are not inherently evil or criminal. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughter, sisters, brothers, and grandparents. They care for their families and communities. People who use drugs are human beings. Just as valuable and important in contributions to society as all other citizens.”

“I understand that you have not ordered extrajudicial killings: however some of your words, suggesting people kill drug users in the streets, have indirect consequences of being taken literally,” Agustian said.

“Your reputation as a guardian of the poor precedes you Mr President, yet this approach of killing drug users will serve only to further marginalize and punish the poor,” he added.

Read his open letter to President Duterte:



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