Philippines, Pakistan threaten to leave U.S. for stronger ties w/ China, Russia

After accusing United States of ignoring their concerns, Pakistan characterized the United States as a “declining” world power and the Philippines said America has “failed” them.

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According to Mushahid Hussain Syed, the Pakistani Prime Minister, “The US is no longer a world power. It is a declining power. Forget about it,”

China provides more weapons to Pakistani than to any other country in the world, and it also builds Pakistan’s nuclear reactions.

“With no takers for Pakistan’s Kashmir policy, Syed said China is now an important factor in South Asia and describe Beijing as part of what he termed as Greater South Asia,” notes the Hindustan Times.

“There has been slow steady building of relationship between Moscow and Islamabad,” also said Syed, referring to the joint military exercise between Pakistan and Russia.

Meanwhile, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte defended his leader’s threat to move away from its relationship with America.

“America has failed us. This is at the core message of Duterte to the America people and the world.” Perfecto Yasay said the foreign Affairs Secretary.

According to a spokesperson of Duterte, Ernesto Abella, the President only made the statement about potentially breaking away from US in desire to “express the independence of the Philippines.”

“It’s not a definitely yes, it’s not a definitely no. he said he might,” Abella said.

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