Pinoy pwede na mangisda sa Scarborough Shoal dahil sa tulong ni Digong.

According to recent reports, a groups of Pinoy fishermen from Zambales, bataan and Pangasinan that they can now fish in the Scarborough Shoal without threatening from Chinese vessels.

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“We received a radio message that some of our fellow fishermen were able to approach the shoal. The Chinese Coast Guard did not intercept their boats,” Aniceto Achima, a boat captain said.

We have prepared our boats for trips to other fishing grounds, but since some of our fellow fishermen have started fishing at the shoal again, we will join them,” another fisherman said.

Meanwhile, President Duterte earlier pronounce after his state visit from China, said that Pinoy fishermen now will allowed to fish in the Scarborough Shoal.

Some netizen admire what President Duterte did to help the fishermen have a livelihood.

"Buti na lang nakipag kaibigan si Digong sa China. Nakapasok na rin ulit sa wakas," a netizen said.

(Fortunately, Digong was able to befriend China. We are finally able to enter the shoal again.)

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