Pres. Duterte Open to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in an interview with Al Jazeera, according to President Duterte, he is open to the idea of legalization of medical marijuana.

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President Duterte said the Food and Drug Administration must do a more research on it whether or not it is beneficial.

“I’m not the authority for that. It’s the Food and Drug Administration. If it’s certified by the government and its good fine, no problem,” Duterte said.

“It must have this qualifying you know, activity, where is it being used to find out it’s really medical or it can do something good for the body,” Duterte added.

Philippine country is known one of the strictest laws against marijuana.

The American President Barack Obama has against to legalize medical marijuana. He has not enforced federal law on marijuana use.

Both nominee Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supports medical marijuana. According to Trump the states should set their own marijuana policies.

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