President Duterte asking Filipinos to sacrifice a little bit if US break ties with PH

According to President Rodrigo Duterte, Filipinos may sacrifice a little bit, if the United States would really make true of cutting ties with the Philippines.

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“I am asking the Filipino in the coming days, if the America would really make true of cutting ties with the Philippines, I’m going to ask you to sacrifice a little bit,” Duterte said.

President Duterte said he will pursue an alliance with other countries like China and Russia, the President claimed that he would not cut ties with the US.

“By next year, I would have entered an alliance with so many countries,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary Perfecto Yasay said there was nothing wrong if the Philippines would accept any assistance from China and Russia. All possibilities in pursuit of best interest of the country will entertain.

“The President is saying – based on what I understand – that if there is an offer from other countries , such as China and Russia, on so far as let’s say engaging our country with trade relationship or assistance that they’re willing to offer, we should not be arrogant to reject it,” Yasay said.

“You know, we have to pursue that because this is precisely in pursuance of our national interest,” he added.


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