President Rodrigo Duterte shared his moment while his on flight after his state visit to Japan, says he made a pledge to God that he will stop cussing.

Photo from Viral Portal News

“I was looking at the skies as I was coming over here. And I.. everybody was asleep snoring. A voice said that you know if you don’t stop, I will bring this plane down now.’ And I said who is this? Of course, it’s God. Oh Ok. So, I promise God not to express slang, cuss words,” Duterte said.

“You guys hear me right always because a promised to God is a promise to the Filipino people,” Duterte added.

Then a group of people were listening clapped. Duterte quick said, “Huwag masyadong palakpak, baka mapalpak pa tuloy,”

Meanwhile, President Duterte asked if he would still cuss the United States, the European Union, or Leila de Lima.
The President reply saying, “There is always a time.”

“Actually, kung kilala mo ako, magtatanong ka sa mga kababata ko. Matagal kaming magkasama. Superman, I can read your mind, ika nga,” he said.

“There is always a time. A time to be foul-mouthed. I don’t like anybody reading my mind. It’s all calibrated, it’s always timing. Watch out for one thing, that’s what I’ve learned, miscalculation,” Duterte added.

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