President Duterte on EJK: Don’t look at me

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte responding to the warning of International Criminal Court (ICC’s) regarding extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Photo from philstar

The President explained that he only ordered police to kill the drug suspects if they fight back, they should be always alert and remain active against the enemy.

“Now they say there are already 3,000 people who were killed. Three thousand? Who killed them? I don’t know, but why are they pointing at me, blaming me for those deaths?” Duterte said.

United Nation, European Union and the United States criticized President Duterte for spate killings happened under his campaign over illegal drugs.

“Now who were those kinds of people who were killed? Were they from the government/. No, not yet 3,000, we haven’t even reached that far… this is only just the beginning,” Duterte said referring to the spate killing on his campaign against illegal drugs.

“Now, they will say that I am threatening the European Union. They are using that ‘this politician is threatening the criminals to death,” he said.

“By that statement alone, when you said: ‘I will kill criminals so stop fooling around.’ It is a perfect statement, then they want to implicate me for that statement,” Duterte added.

“That’s why I am angry, and I keep on cursing them,” he said.

According to Communications Secretary martin Andanar, “Drug-related killings, including vigilante killings, are not state-sanctioned. Many of those who died were killed during legitimate police operations, which are currently undergoing investigation as directed by the President.” Andanar said.

“In any case, the President has articulated that he is willing to submit himself to an investigation before anybody,” Andanar added.

Meanwhile, the President blames the former President Benigno Aquino III, saying they released black propaganda against him.

“The yellows stated it all, then they rode on the issue. Remember that it was not an issue against me. It was only used after I keep hitting the high ratings. Then the garbage of trillanes surfaced,” Duterte said.

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