President Duterte's supporter in Switzerland has an urgent message for him

Gene Rocky Roxas, a Filipino in Switzerland, expressed his concern to President Duterte through open letter posted in social media.

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Netizens quickly responses to his open letter and a lot of positive comments he earned for different people.

Gene Rocky Roxas message to President Duterte to be more careful for his fight against illegal drugs and other problems he is facing right now. 

Read his full letter below:

My Open Letter to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

Dear Mr. President,
You are very vocal with your fight against Corruption, Drugs and Criminality and i can see that you are really already succeeding. Very high morale among the Law Enforcers so with the Public support....Hundreds if not thousands are surrendering.........
Sir, you have just started and you have mountains of problems to still solve for the Filipino people and for the country....Your traveling worries me a lot, even going to Dangerous areas like Abu Sayaf regions....Druglords have warned you and even put a high Price for your Head.....please don't underestimate them. I know you are good and brave man but you have made yourself an enemy of the Underworld including the Politicians and Human Rights group....They were used to be respected before and earned their living from that corrupt system....they will surely find a way to stop you....Please be responsible by avoiding such trips and are very vulnerable, Your Security aides are not yet that trained and experience to the modern warfare that the Criminals of today are in to...There will still be Filipinos or Chinese citizens who are willing to sacrifice you for Big Money!
You will surely be their Target alone, but
if you'll be hard to get, then they will hit you with a Big one that might include hundreds of Victims including civilians and you wouldn't like that either.....
please concentrate on your Goals, we don't like you to be assassinated....we the Filipino people have given everything to you to succeed please don't take that for granted by thinking that you are old enough anyway and ready to go, that would be very grave irresponsibility from your side.
It happened to JFK and many more......please take care....your fight is our fight! You said it yourself,
"whoever destroys the future of the Filipino Children, you will kill them!".. the Criminals have the same motto, if you cross their path, they will kill you too!
How about your Economic Plans, Education Plans, Justice System, Environment....many more....are that not important too? please be responsible and avoid unnecessary provocations....Your good intentions is worth nothing to those who wish you to fail....
I wish you all the best so with you courageous officials in your Government..

I salute you guys and please take care.


A concerned Still Filipino in Switzerland

Please share this for all of us to be aware. thanks.

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