US Ambassador Philip Goldberg to PHL – US ties remain strong

United States Ambassador Philip Goldberg declared that ties between the Philippines and the United States remain strong, despite continuing tirades by President Duterte.

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“The fundamentals of bilateral cooperation by the Philippines and our relationship with the Filipino people remain strong. Our history of cooperation spans 70 years, and our commitment to this country remains unchanged.” Goldberg said.

“The Philippines is a key strategic partner of the United States and our military alliance, development assistance and commercial cooperation continue,” he said.

“Much like you, we are relying on strong ties development through our common endeavors as well as building effective relationships with new partners to ensure productive future cooperation.” He added.

“The United States will not soften even in the future its tone regarding its criticism of human rights abuses and drug issues,” Goldberg said.

Meanwhile, Philippine presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the Philippines is just heading to an “open relationship” and not exactly “cooling off” with the US.

“Like what former national security Secretary Jose Almonte said, what we are doing is not breaking off,” he said.

“We are just widening our options… It is not cooling off but more of open relationship.”


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