Yasay wearing full battle gear with yellow baller

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. express his support for President Duterte war against illegal drugs.

Photo from kami.com

Yasay posted in his Facebook account a meme Photo wearing a full battle gear after the recent meme describe him as a Chinese soldier.

Yasay posted his counter meme to critics were posted he is wearing Chinese military uniform criticizing the foreign policy.

Photo from kami.com

Perfecto Yasay replay from critics saying “This is the kindest vilification I got from my harshest critics. I am keeping this photoshopped picture to keep me cheerful and amused while doing my job for the nation. I must admit though that I am a ranking proud member of the PLA – Philippine liberation Army – tasked to separate and unshackle our people from the colonial mind set a dependence and subservience.”

One netizen reacted to Yasay photo and saying, “I got two pistols with a combined 20 plus rounds of ammunition. They can help however few.”

Netizen also commented says, “Supporting slaughter and breach of the Constitution is not supportable in any way. The whole thing is based on false, misinterpreted and make-up figures any way.”

Some netizen noticed  his yellow band that he is wearing saying,”Almost a great photo, Sir Secretary Perfecto Yasay hope yung yellow baller naging Du30 blue and red baller po.”
Yasay responded saying,”That is my Nike ‘Livestrong’ band as a cancer survivor…not a support for mga dilaw na hilaw.”

Source: kami.com

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