71-year old Duterte is fit as a carabao even if he admits Viagra is close to being useless

According to Communications Secretary martin Andanar that the 71 year old President Rodrigo Duterte is fit as a carabao even he admits himself that he already felt all the ailments of men.

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In an interview of dzRB to Andanar said that, “Mas malakas pa sa kalabaw si Pangulo. Nakita naman natin sa TV kung ano ‘yung mga activities ni Presidente. Maya-maya nandon na sa Samar. Maya-maya nandon na sa Pangasinan,”

“Tapos makikita mo ngayon sa Facebook live eh nandoon naman sa Davao. So ang taong hindi malusog, imposibleng magawa kung anong ginagawa ni Presidente,” he added.

Meanwhile, President Duterte in his speech at the Manila Hotel, saying he might be the most powerful man in the country but was feeling all the aches and pain of an ordinary person whose age is in the seventies.

“I’m 72 years old. Do not ask me if I am sick. Every 72 years old in this planet is sick. That would be a very silly question. Well you know sometimes you will be…try to [garbled] ‘Sir!’ And oh I would say, I’m fine’. Pero deep down alam mo bolador ka. Kung meron ako, meron ka rin,” said Duterte.

“But the greatest sa tingin ko that’s a loss for a man to ask is when you still make it with a lady. That is a very hurting question. Because were it not for the…itong makers ng…company ng blue pill. Kung wala na ‘yan, wala na. Then it’s time to go really,” said Duterte.

“I mean pag wala akong silbi right after the presidency. If I think or if I…you want to remove me, fine. Then I’ll just go to the forest. Meron akong konting lodge doon. Madaming alimatok doon yung linta, I’ll just spend my days there praying,” he added.

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