Anong masama sa libre? Cojuangco defends “Bato and family” freeloading on Pacman

Former Pangasinan Rep. Kimi Cojuangco amid criticism that Philippine National Police (PNP) Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and his family should not freeload off from the fight of Manny Pacquiao-Jessie Vargas in Las Vegas.

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“Sadly, read comments like this &feel we have become so judgmental,” Cojuangco tweeted, referring to a tweet from a puzzled friend who asked “what’s so special w/ the chief PNP that he was given an all expense paid vacation to vegas?”

“Manny is loaded & earned his money honestly.A pure soul,” she said.

According to Cojuangco, Dela Rosa and Pacman were considered as compadre.

“Bato works so hard. Manny does not need any favors fr him. So happy that Bato & his family was given the a treat. Let’s be less judgemental,” Cojuangco said.

Meanwhile, the person who made the critical tweet saying,” Perhaps,it’s ok if he was just a prof. boxer But he’s now a pol.He might have good intentions but there’s a law on that,”

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