Asked Duterte if Marcos considered a hero: “It depends on the beholder.”

On Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his opinion regarding late president Ferdinand Marcos controversial burial, the President says that Marcos is qualified to be buried at the Libingan ng mga bayani (LNMB).

Photo from Inquirer News

“As I have said, as a lawyer, I will stick to what the law says. The law says that if soldiers and ex-Presidents ang namatay dun ilibing [sa Liibingan ng mga Bayani],” Duterte said.

“I saw Bongbong yesterday in Tacloban. Sabi ko it’s your choice. Sabi niya, ‘Can we now proceed?’. Sabi ko ‘Yes you can. I will not take my word back,’,” Duterte recounted.

Meanwhile, the reporter asked Duterte if Marcos can be considered a hero and he quickly reply “it depends on the beholder”. He said.

“Now the question about this tussle of the dictatorship of Marcos, is something that cannot be determined at this time. It has to have history…That part of the sins of Marcos has yet to be proven by a competent court.” Duterte said.

“It depends on the beholder…Buong Ilocano nation, they are sad. Para sakanila walang kasalan si Marcos… Of course meron mga nagsusulat na nasaktan, pinakulong, pero meron din nman iba that saw some great things that have happened, the discipline, the cleanliness,” Duterte said.

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