Atty. Angeles to Gen. Dela Rosa - "He isn’t having it easy!"

Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles, in her column, claimed that she understand the situation of Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa for being stick to his reform program until the very end.

Photo from TNP/Rappler

Read her full column below:

I understand the hesitation and the pressure on Gen. Bato. He isn’t having it easy. On the one hand he has to protect the good cops, the ones who really are out to get the bad guys, but are frustrated by several factors: a judicial system that gives emphasis on the rights of the accused (not a bad thing), a padrino system so entrenched no one can see the lines anymore, a civil service that makes demands of uprightness, morality and accountability while rewarding workers with a pittance for lives put on the line, and more. Bato also has to check and remove the bad guys who give in to corruption, take from politicians, big business, illegal enterprises, ad nauseam,

His major problem is finding out which is which. His other major problem is what to do while trying to figure things out. He knows that if he makes a mistake, good cops could be tossed out in the streets, and the bad cops get to continue doing their worst. So it’s tough, and we understand why it seems he has not addressed the rogue cops responsible for what now appears to be extrajudicial killings. Because, yes, the killing of Rolando Espinosa is an EJK.

Bato’s dilemma is so difficult, it drove him to tears, and yes, I do sympathize. And I cheer him when he says, he will stick to his reform program until the very end. But move he must. He can no longer be driven to inaction by the balancing act he must observe. And he must move now while he enjoys our support and the president’s trust.

by Trixie Cruz Angeles

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