De Lima backs Morales probe on Bilibid drugs: Morales more trust-worthy than Aguirre

According to Senator Leila De Lima, it was more complacent if Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales will look into allegation to her than Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

Photo from Inquirer News/Manila Bulletin News
“I welcome the Ombudsman investigation, both as a regular undertaking of said office and as an opportunity for me to clear my record of any allegations of wrongdoing. After all, at present, the Ombudsman is the most trusted and respected investigation office of the government, after both the DOJ (Department of Justice) and the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) have proven themselves to be nothing more than instruments of the present administration against vocal dissenters to the President, such as myself,” said de Lima.

Ombudsman Morales to conduct investigation against  De Lima after the testimonies of Kerwin Espinosa and former lover of senator Ronnie Dayan saying that Sen. De Lima accepted drug money from drug lords.

 “‎It is about time that the Ombudsman assert its primary jurisdiction over my case, and oust the DOJ of any authority to take over cases cognizable by the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan, especially in this instance where the DOJ has shown its lack of objectivity and interest in pursuing the truth,” said de Lima.

” who has time and again proven her competence, impartiality and capability to live up to our expectations insofar as making public officers accountable to the public is concerned.”

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