De Lima fears Kerwin will be forced to lie against her

On Friday, According to Senator Leila de Lima, she is afraid that Kerwin Espinosa was being force to lie and involve her in illegal drugs.

Photo from CNN
“I will be very candid, I myself fear that it’s not unlikely that Kerwin will be coerced to lie against me, just like those witnesses in the House inquiry. In fact, I strongly suspect that the killing of his father was a warning to him, in the same manner that the Bilibid riot was for Jaybee Sebastian,” De Lima said.

Senator De Lima was in the list of Espinosa affidavit among the 50 personalities supposedly involved in illegal drugs.

“Ang ano ko diyan na talagang may mga nagdikta lang sa kanya para ilagay ako at number one pa sa listahan niya. And then ang pinakamalakas ko ngang theory kung bakit siguro pinatay si Mayor Espinosa, baka eventually ayaw niya na mag-cooperate, baka you know, parang na-ano siya ng konsensya niya na puwede niyang i-recant [yung affidavits niya],” De Lima said.

“Yes, Kerwin has to be brought back. Yes, he definitely has to be kept safe. But I am sure you will understand and forgive me if I don’t trust this administration to effectively and faithfully discharge that duty – lumalabas nga na sila mismo ang mga bantay-salakay,” De Lima.

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