De Lima – Ronnie Dayan is lying

According to Senator Leila de Lima, his former driver and bodyguards Ronnie Dayan was force to lie against her that she received money from Kerwin Espinosa.

Photo from inquirer
 “Ronnie’s claim is absolutely untrue. I don’t know Kerwin and neither does Ronnie. He knows that,” De Lima said.

According to reports, De Lima received money from Espinosa in 2015, but she claimed that Dayan was no longer employed with her during that time.

“If 2015, hindi ko na tao si Ronnie,” De Lima said.

“So how could I have ordered him to get money from Kerwin? Kaya lang, syempre, and as expected, napilitan na rin si Ronnie magsinungaling,” De Lima added.

Meanwhile, in a press conference, Ronnie Dayan said that he received money from from Espinosa and gave in to Sen. De Lima.

“I received money from Kerwin. I received money as instructed by Ma’am. She was still justice secretary at the time,” he said.

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  1. ang kapal talaga ng mukha nitong si De Lima, wala ng ginawa sa buhay ng iba kundi ang manira ng manira ng pamilya.


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