De Lima to Duterte, Aguirre: Show me the money or I’ll show you who’s making a killing

Senator Leila de Lima in a statement, said that President Duterte and Secretary Aguirre  have yet to show proof that she took money from illegal drugs.

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“As for the greatest mystery this government is trying to uncover, all this parade of witnesses has not proven a single thing, except its own deadly partnership with criminals and drug lords against me. It hasn’t shown a single evidence of where the money is.” De Lima said.

Earlier, Senator De Lima has accused President Duterte as the biggest protector of drug lords in the country.

“Show us the money. I assure you there is none. No amount of browbeating the AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council) can make me a billionaire in its records overnight. In the meantime, maybe we should look at whose bank accounts are getting fatter as this great distraction of the stoning of De Lima is being performed to the delight of some of the public,” De Lima added.

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