Duterte could free elderly inmates by December

According to President Rodrigo Duterte, those 80 years old and above inmates shall benefit from the planned clemency on December.

Photo from kami.com
The president also said that the inmates were in prison for more than 40 years will be given the same privilege.

"I am contemplating, we are preparing it. Lahat ng matatanda saka may sakit (all elderly including those who are sick), iyung may rayuma na (those with rheumatitis), hindi na makatakbo (those who can’t run), 80 years old above -- kung gusto nila (if they want), kung may mauwian pa sila (if they still have a place to come home to), I will grant them pardon also so that they could return home,” declared Duterte during a dinner with reporters at the Palace.

“Iyung nakatira diyan nang (those living there) 40 years or more, they deserve to be out,” said the President.

Source: kami.com.ph

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