Duterte raised Pacquiao’s hand: “For President Na ito”

On Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte joke said that Senator Manny Pacquiao may become President of the Philippines soon.

Photo from Trendtitan
While President Duterte and Manny pacquiao entering Malacanang’s Music Room, Duterte raise the hands of Pacquiao and said, “For President na ito ah.”

Last 2013, Bob Arum claimed that his client Manny Pacquiao confirmed wants to become a Philippine President someday.

“He is going to be a President,” Arum told paparazzi website TMZ. “He is going to run for the Senate of the Philippines in 2016 and then 2022 or maybe later he’ll run for president.”

According to President Duterte, he agreed Pacquiao defense of PNP chief Dela Rosa acceptance of an all-expense free to watch his last fight.

“I would like to send the warnest congratulations of the Filipino people and government to the senator for doing us proud.. at saka tama yung ano, tama yung pagdepensa mo kay ano, kay Bato,” Duterte said.

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