Duterte warns cops into KFR, extortion activities – Death by sniper or ambush?

President Rodrigo Duterte in his speech before agents and officials of the NBI 80th anniversary, said that the Corrupt and extortionists policemen should stop their illegal activities or face his anger.

Photo from politics.com.ph
“But, if you are accused of extortion, kidnapping, some of you who are involve there. Do not do it in my time. You do it, patayin kita,” Duterte said.

“Anong gusto mo? Barrett na sniper? O ambush? O, mamili ka, mamili ka,” he said.

According to President Duterte, the policemen should tell him the true version behind the death of Mayor Rolando Espinosa under his cell.

“You start to [inaudible] the government, pati ako lolokohin mo, kalokohan. Just tell me truth,” he said.

”Sabi ko, I believe the police. Why? Because they are my subordinates,” Duterte said.

Source: politics.com.ph

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